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Simself Membrane

SimSelf membrane is a bitumen-based water insulation membrane.

One of its surfaces is coated with polyethylene or colored natural mineral while its other face contains a removable folio.

One of SimSelf membrane’s surfaces is produced as mineral coated, thus it isn’t affected negatively by sunshine. It can be used as top layer coating material. SimSelf Tape offers practical solutions for many details with its waterproof characteristic, compatibility with building movements and its self adhesion ability. It can be applied also on inclined and curvilinear surfaces thanks to its flexibility. It is produced in 1m wide and 10m long rolls.

SimSelf Tape becomes ready to be adhered when the removable film on one of its surfaces is removed. Moreover, the application area needs to be clean and dry for ensuring good adhesion. However, a standard bitumen plaster must be applied on the surface before applying SimSelf Tape on concrete surfaces and SimSelf Membrane must be adhered onto the dry surface after this plaster layer dries.

Specifications Unit Simself SP 2500 Simself
SP 30 Ar
Thickness mm 2,5 2,5
Weight Kg/m2 3 3
Width cm 1 10-15-20-30-60
Length m 10 10
Upper Coating   Polyethylene Film Natural Mineral
Lower Coating   Removable Film Removable Folio
SimSelf membrane can be used for many details such as the cracks occurring on walls, parapets, chimney flashings, barges, copings, gable walls and roofing sheets while it can also be used on deck coating insulations of ships and automotive sector as it can be adhered on many surfaces like wood, metal, glass, plaster and concrete ones etc.

SimSelf can be used easily in areas where bottled gas and blow cutters are not possible or dangerous o be used. Its self-adhesive lower surface can be applied to such materials as wooden and plastic surfaces as well as XPS - EPS etc. which cannot bear high temperatures. Besides, it is very easy to be used on inclined and curvilinear roofs. It can take the shape of surfaces on which it is applied.