Special Products

Simshingle is an aesthetic roof covering material with its APP modified bitum and 110 gr./m2 fiber glass reinforcement, with upper side coated with attractive colourful reflective minerals and bottom side coated with polyethylen film.
Simshigle through bitıum’s sticking characteristic can adhere perfect to any surface, it has strong resistant against bad weather, is the best solution for fine details, do not require maintanence and is rapidly applicable.
Simshingle is applicable on all types of roof:
Wooden,metalic construction or inclined concrete roofs; also can be applicaton on facades.Furthermore it is suitable on roof dome or arched roof and all kind of surfaces with complicated inclination and shape. 
Simshingle is alternative product insteaad of heavy roof covering materials due to its low weight.

  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions and wind.

  • Does not leave from sticked surfaces.

  • It is not affected ultraviolet lights.

  • It is elastic and non breakable.

  • It ia not affected by major temparature differences.

  • Fastened surfacing granules.

  • Light, easy to apply and carry and do not create extra weight for building.

  • Can be applied through adhering by torching.

  • Does not require any extra accessoriesand maintenance.

Reinforcement FIBERGLASS
Wide 330 mm
Length 1000 mm
Tensile Strength Length 600 N /5cm
Tensile Strength Wide 600 N /5cm
Net Covering Area Of Package 2,52m2
Packing Type Perfore polyethylene packs
Pieces in Each Pack 18 pieces
Weight/Pack > 17kg
Softening Point 125°C