Special Products

Simshingle is an aesthetic roof covering material with is APP modified bitum and 110 gr/m² fiber glass reinforcement, with upper side coated with attractive colurful reflective minerals and bottom side coated with polyethylen film.

  • 100 % App Modified Simshingle
  • Resistant to extreme weahter conditions and wind.
  • Does not leave from sticked surfaces.
  • Imprevious to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Resillient and break-proof.
  • Does not affected by major temperature differences.
  • Fastened surfacing granules.
  • Light, easy to apply and carry and do not create extra weight for building.
  • Can be applied through adhering by torching.
  • Does not require any extra accessories and maintenance.
  • Wide range of colours and shapes.
  • It is aesthetic with durable colour and long-life lasting.

Reinforcement FIBERGLASS
Wide 344 mm
Length 1000 mm
Tensile Strength Length 600 N /5cm
Tensile Strength Wide 600 N /5cm
Net Covering Area Of Package 2,50m2
Packing Type Perfore polyethylene packs
Pieces in Each Pack 17 pieces
Weight/Pack > 20kg
Softening Point 125°C