Special Products

Stadren Drainage Plate which is produced from high-density polyethylene materials drains water by separating soil from the building thanks to its bubble structure. Concrete shears protect the heat and water insulation materials located on them from the mechanical effects of earth fill as well as protecting them from plant roots and various chemicals.

Drainage plates used in terrace garden applications and the grounds without any static loads in place of lean concrete ensure multi-dimensional savings in addition to having no harmful impacts on the environment.

  • It is used in basements, face walls and grounds,

  • Terrace roof applications,

  • Parking areas,

  • Tunnels,

  • In all buildings that need to be protected from water in general as well as the pressure caused by water.
Stadren drainage plate ensures, through proper application, your building to be protected from the harmful effects of water, soil and other chemicals...

Specifications Stadren 400 Stadren 500 Stadren 600
Raw Material HDPE
Thickness 0,4 mm 0,5 mm 0,6 mm
Embossing Depth 8.0 mm 8,0 mm 8,0 mm
Weight 450-500 g/m2 550-600 g/m2 650-700 g/m2
Pressure Resistance 170 kN/m2 230 kN/m2 320 kN/m2
Underground Resistance Impact, plant roots, against all chemicals
Thermal Resistance - 30 C + 80 C
Color Orange - Black    
Roll Length 20 mt    
Roll Width 2 mt