Special Products
OSB Wood Panels

OSB 3 Class products are more durable against damps than OSB 2 Class products. Kronospan OSB 3 products need to be used for the applications made in such damp places as roofs etc.

Surface appearance is pale and dark. It was observed to get 15% thicker when kept in water for 24 hours.

OBS 2 Class materials are high resistant wooden panels especially used in damp-free environments. They are produced from the calabrian pines growing up in Eastern Europe.

Surface appearance is pale and dark. It was observed to get 20% thicker when kept in water for 24 hours. (We recommend OSB 3 Class plates for achieving resistance against damp)

» They are used; in bearing ground construction
» On wall coatings,
» Under roof coatings,
» For the construction of storages, storehouses, stages and tribunes,
» For the construction of store and fair stands,
» In package and packet sector.
» Cronospan OSB is a high quality European Product. It can be used for construction purposes in situations requiring dimensional stability and loading resistance.
» Advantages of Cronospan OSB Plates
» High resistance obtained by laying down the chip layers in vertical directions.
» High resistance at the main axis
» High workability
» Causing no ecological and biological damages
» The product is preferred thanks to its natural appearance
» 100% of its wooden materials are used and it can be recycled easily.
» Cronospan OSB 2
» Cronospan OSB 2 products are produced in accordance with the requirements of EN 300 Standards.
» Technical parameters of these plates are completely appropriate for the manufacturing of bearing constructions which are used in dry environments.

Application Areas of Cronospan OSB 2 :

» Wall panels, ground panels and constructions of indoor constructions,
» Bearing constructions of upholstered furniture manufacturing
» As decorative materials
» For shelf production
» For the production of shipment packages (except for liquid transportation)
» For fastening the loads during shipment