Special Products

Single component, cold applied, bitumen solution based waterproofing material.

  • When applied on side surfaces of buildings it repels water and humidity, preventing any swelling deformation of paint.

  • Xxxİç yüzeydeki duvarlarda kabarma , boya bozulması ve küflenme oluşmasını engeller.

  • It prevents blistering paint corrosion and growth of mold on interior walls.

  • Used for preventing moisture on the floors and walls of foundations and basements.

  • Used as primer before bituminous coatings in basement and roof insulations.

  • It prevents unnecessary use of hot bitum on concrete surfaces.

  • It forms a waterproof layer when used with glass tissue, netting and bituminous cardboard.

  • SIMPOLAX prevents decaying on vehicles when applied on metal surfaces in contact with water.
  • It prevents corrosion when used on metal surfaces under or above the ground.

  • Application surfaces should be dry and free of dust, dirt, rust and oil.

  • It is either applied directly on applied surfaces with a brush after mixing with gas or thinner, when required.

  • If application is to be made in doors, precautions should be taken to ensure sufficient ventilations.

  • Should not be used at rainy weather conditions and temperature should not be less than +5°C.
  • Cold application.Should be used without heating.

  • Strongly adheres to the application surface and forms a waterproof layer on the surfaces.

  • Starts to dry in 20 minutes after application.

  • It  repels water and humidity.



Depending on the porosity of the surface of application, averagely 400 gr/m2


Presented in 17 kg (net) tin packages


Should be stored at covered places (between 5 -30°C) and in upright position.