Special Products

Bitumen based, acrilic additive, single component, water based elastic waterproofing material.Before application color is dark Brown, after application color becomes black dark.

  • In wet areas of the buildings such as bathroom, kitchen, toilet.
  • On the vertical surfaces such as balcony and small terrace.
  • It is used for protection aim from the moisture at the vertical surfaces like retaining wall at the basements.
  • It obtains waterproofing on roofs, balconies and wet areas, multi-layer insulations with fiberglas,cartoon with bitum,canvas armatures.   
  • Easily applicable by rol lor brush.

  • Cold application, no heat or no dillution with water.

  • Water based friendly to environment.

  • No content to flash and poison, culd be used indoor applications.

  • Since contains special additives Simpolas is flexible and long life material compored to other water based primers.

On horizantal surfaces : 1.5 kg/m2,
On horizantal surfaces :0.8 kg/m2
Consumption is generally enough.

Due to surface roughness or surface absorptivity, consumption amount may be increased % 50-100


Presented in 17 kg.(net) plastic packaging.

Storage Conditons

Should be stored in covered places (between 5 -30°C) and in upright position.
  • High elasticity and capability of bridging cracks.

  • It can be applied on dry and wet surfaces.

  • The application surface should be free of dust, dirt, rust and oil and loose parts scraped.

  • Pointed tips and sharp corners should be rounded.

  • The corners and edges should be rounded.

  • The ensure a good adherence to surface before application, water based Standart primer should be used.

  • Could be applied with brush or roll to the surface.

  • Should not be used at rainy weather conditions and temperature should not be less than +5°C

  • Should be applied in two layer and after the first layer curing the second layer should be applied.

  • During the curing period, should not be walked on the application area, and no load applied.

  • Depending the application area size, should be used together with glass tissue.