Special Products
Simex 2 k

Two components, elastic, water based, fiber reinforced, polymer bitumen waterproofing material.

  • On horizontal and vertical surfaces, on foundations, on foundation shear walls.

  • On surfaces constantly underground and connecting with water.Outer insulation of the locations such as cellar and basement.

  • Wet areas such as bathroom, kitchen.

  • Balcony and terraces( by covering upper layer.)
  • Easy application (by roll, brush or towel)

  • Isolation of mineral surfaces such as concrete, stone, brick, plater, etc.

  • High elasticity and capability of bridging cracks.

  • Cold applications not necessary to heat or thinning.

  • Water based, no damage to environment.



A+B component in 24 kg in tin buckets.
Liquid; 18 kg. powder; 6 kg.


Should be stored at covered places ( between 5 - 3O"C ) and in upright position.



Insulation against moisture ; min 3.3 kg/m2 (appr. 3 mm.thickness)

Against non-pressure water; min 4.4 kg/m2 (appr. 4 mm. thickness)

Against pressurized water; min 6.6 kg/m2 (appr. 4mm. thickness)


  • It can be used in indoor areas safely as it does not contain inflammable and poisonous substances.

  • Sim Shingle ensures continuity as it does not have any joints. It cures in a fast way.

  • Surface preparation must be completed before applying it. For this purpose, the surfaces where it will be applied must be cleared of loose layers, dust, dirt and oils which can prevent adhesion. Necessary restorations must be performed.

  • Corner turns must be chamfered.

  • It must not be applied in rainy weather or when the temperature is below +5 0C.

  • Angle horizontal and vertical surfaces by chamfering them through renovation.

  • Apply it together with its special insulation file of 70-90 gr/m2 so that wide surfaces are reinforced, horizontal and vertical joints as well as cracks are bridged.

  • Apply standard plaster onto the surface for ensuring good adhesion.

  • It needs for 1 to 2 hours for drying according weather conditions.

  • It must not be applied in rainy weather or when the temperature is below +5 0C.

  • It must be applied at least in two-coat. Second coat must not be applied before the first one dries