Special Products
Sim Power Via

SIM POWER VIA membranes are bitumen water insulation covers with double polyester felt carriers and elastomeric series (with S.B.S) which are specially developed for the buildings where very high tensions occur.

Sim Power Via can provide high temperature resistance although it is Elastomeric series. It displays a high performance against high tensions with two separate carriers included in its structure.

It offers solutions for the insulation works of such buildings as bridges, viaducts, multi-storey car pars and similar structures carrying movable loads.

Sim Power Via which is a bitumen cover containing SBS gets into new asphalt road applications as Highway Authority started to use modified polymer bitumen mixture (PMB) together with SBS type contributions for asphalt road coatings.

Specifications Unit Power VIA SP 4000
Outfit Type   Polyester + Polyester
Thickness mm 4
Weight Kg/m2 4,8
Width m 1
Length m 10
Temperature Resistance (Minimum) °C 140
Cold Bending °C -20
Longitudinal Tensile Resistance (Minimum) N/5cm 1500
Transverse Tensile Resistance (Minimum) N/5cm 1200
Upper Coating   Polyethylene
Lower Coating   Polyethylene