Special Products
Sim Marine Membrane

Sim Marine Membranes are elastomeric (SBS based) bitumen water insulation covers which are resistant to sea water.

They are used in the structures and buildings located on seaside especially in harbors, ports, bridge piers and constructions etc.
As is known, sea water contains alkali metals, sulfate and some acids. These substances must be prevented from damaging buildings and the insulation layers protecting these buildings. Marine membrane is ensured with the special additions made to its chemical structure to be more resistant especially against the alkali metals contained in sea water as well sulfate and some acids.

For such bitumen membranes, we use special formula elastomeric bitumen for increasing bitumen’s resistance against sea water. Polyester Felt is used as the final outfit for increasing product’s mechanical resistance against tension. Sim Marine membranes are produced in 1m wide and 10m long rolls.

Specifications Unit Marinesp 3000 Marinesp 4000
Marinesp 5000
Outfit Type   Polyester Polyester Polyester
Thickness mm 3 4 5
Weight Kg/m2 3,5 4,6 5,7
Width m 1 1 1
Length m 10 10 10
Temperature Resistance (Minimum) °C 120 120 120
Cold Bending °C -10 -10 -10
Longitudinal Traction Resistance (Minimum) N/5cm 1500 1500 1500
Transverse Traction Resistance (Minimum) N/5cm 1200 1200 1200
Upper Coating   Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Lower Coating   Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene