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Sim Gard

There are many underground factors that threaten insulation. Insulation must also be protected against possible negative impacts so that it can be completed.

Simgard Membrane is a bitumen water insulation cover which provides efficient protection against underground impacts and pressure. It contains bitumen with Atactic Polypropylene (A.P.P.). Polyester Felt is used as an outfit for increasing product’s mechanical resistance against tension.

It is used on Basement and Face Walls, Underground foundation face walls as well as the buildings where the insulation layer generally needs to be protected against the pressure caused by soil.

  • Intensified Polyethylene layer faces the pressure coming from soil and it can better protect the beneath water insulation layer. Simgard Membrane provides sound and heat insulation thanks to the intensified polyethylene coating while at the same time it resists to impacts.

  • Simgard Membrane can be applied easily and provides time advantage. That is because no protective layer needs to be manufactured when this product is used.

  • It is produced in 1m wide and 2.50 m long rolls.

Specifications Unit Marinesp 3000
Outfit Type   Polyester
Thickness mm 3+5=8
Weight Kg/m2 3,5
Width m 1
Length m 2,5
Cold Bending °C -5
Upper Coating   Special Polyethylene Foam
Lower Coating   Polyethylene