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Fok Series

Our FOK Serial waterproofing membranes are elastomeric type waterproofing membranes that are the ideal preference in the cold climate zone. In producing this type of membranes, have been used SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) with thermoplastic resin for to enhance of the asphalt.

FOK SERIES membranes are preferable for the light metal roofs of industrial and trade because this product has ability to adjust movements of roofs caused by expansion and narrowings on the surface of the roof.

It is mostly suitable for cold climates.

Fok series membranes can be applied in all the areas where water can affect the structure like the walls which have contact with ground, foundations and layers with the ground. They can also be used in external walls which is below of the water level, balconies, terraces, bathrooms and toilets

Additionally they can be used in the structures for water reservoirs, artificial ponds and the places with high tensions like highways, bridges, viaduct constructions.

Soğukta Bükülme : -20 °C
Sıcaklık Dayanımı (En az) : 100 °C
Kırılma Noktası (Frass) : -35°C

Fok Membrane is the best choice with their elastic specialty in very cold climates. 

It is resistant for high tensions and constructional movements with their strength values and elactic origin.

They are also suitable to apply with hot bitum application. 

It protects its good adherence specialty after the application and it is certain solution for all waterproofing issues especially in the basement applications. It can be applied all different surfaces like wood, cement and metals.

Our membranes neither dissolve or discharge in warm weather condition not cracked in the cold weather conditions and can be easily used with the help of blow torch. It is easily applied with cutting special cutters according to necessary sizes.

It is suitable for using in dilatation, concrete structures, parapet turns and chimneys. They are durable same as building life is if they are applied correct way.
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