Special Products
Twin Loss System and Accessories

Use :
It proceeds on the insulation layer until the points where discharge pipes are located after reaching the water insulation layer on terrace roofs and balconies. The water accumulating on this point proceeds towards lower layers as it doe not evaporate and it causes the formation of damp-related black stains.

Twin loss system is used to prevent such stains. The connecting piece enabling connection to the lower loss part is made up of propylene. It fits to the lower loss part perfectly and makes the leaking water flow into discharge pipes by constituting a second loss line thanks to the 0.6mm gaps.

We recommend you to use an anti-odor connection part if the area where this system will be applied has stinking risk (such as bathroom).

System Parts :

a) Loss Body
With bottom output (code : 1002,1048) With side output
(code : 1004,1005,1006)

b) Connection part
(code: 1007,1031)

c) Upper filter body
(code: 1008,1009,2008,2009)

d) Upper filter grid
(code: 1010,1011,1012,1013,2010, 2012)

e) Anti-odor connection part
(code: 1015)