Special Products
Flanged Waterproofing Systems Expense

System Parts

a) Loss Body - Bottom Output - Side Output
b) Flange Ring
c) Upper filter body
d) Upper filter grid
e) Anti-odor connection part

Use :
Chosen loss body is placed on the flooring and adapted into the PVC pipe. If sliding materials are to be used as insulation materials, the loss line will be integrated into concrete flooring thanks to the file you put under the body. Flange ring is fixed after it is located in its place and the height of the upper filter body to be placed on top is adjusted.

The gaps near upper filter body enable leaking water to go directly in to the discharge pipe. The channels on the outer surface of body have been designed in such a way that they can be cut off while adjusting the height and when necessary their height can be increased by inserting them into each other. Plastic and stainless grids we produce in 10*10cm and 15*15cm sizes give you a chance to make your choice.

We recommend you to put the anti-odor apparatus into filter body if the application area is a place with stinking risk, such as bathroom.